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mimic is a virtual platform that provides tools
to build engaging connections with your audience
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A new functional approach to delivering live digital engagement


Reach your audience with


The video toolkit that makes it easy to deliver your live content at scale

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Build live interaction


Our web experience builder enables you to control user journeys, build audience engagement and customize design.

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Empower and control your experiences in the


The virtual worlds editor is developed to help you build your presence in a metaverse. It features 3D templates and technologies to give you a head start.

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metaverse for events

Build smarter

mimic is built on serverless technology enabling creators to construct real-time journeys for
their audience using cloud-based tools
Live video production online

Video Toolkit

Upstream your SRT or RTMP, construct web pages with engagement, transcode and scale (CDN).
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build event real-time portal

Web Experience Builder

No code builder which allows you to build a multi-lingual website in minutes not hours with useful tools to simplify the experience for creators.
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metaverse builder for events

Metaverse Editor

Choose existing virtual venues and build your experience. Or upload your own virtual worlds build on Playcanvas, ThreeJS, and other javascript frameworks.
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"mimic became an irreplaceable tool for building a connection between our creativity and cloud tech when creating our 360 conferences."

Agalar Ragimov, Creative Lead at SpaceTo
Agalar Ragimov, Creative Lead at SpaceTo

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