How it started

We are a team of event tech creators, software engineers, video engineers, and designers. It all started when we were asked to create immersive digital and physical experiences for large audiences. After over 37 projects it evolved into a tool that our team was using internally. We called it mimic.

Human beings
are natural mimickers.

“mimicking tendency is deeply human, a natural act that serves as a social glue and signs of trust.”
Daniel H. Pink

It’s the ability that allows you to move others.

What is mimic

It’s a virtual platform that allows you to deliver 2D, and 3D content to your audience. We designed and developed tools that allow you to create experiences to move your audience by creating memorable user journeys. Being event tech pros we have based on technology that is scalable, reliable, and secure.

To enable the new generation of creators
with tools to engage the audience.

mimic Team

Nicoleen Strydom
Partners & Channels
Sergey Vstavskih
Sepideh Mohammed Gholampoor
Customer Success Manager
Aizada Kakimova
Metaverse Developer
Kaisar Kuanysh
Video Cloud Engineer
Sergey Zhukov
User Experience
ennadiy Rybin
User Experience
Denis Kashcheev
Quality Assurance Lead
Alex Poteryanov
Tools and Modules Developer
Nikita Khokhlov
Metaverse Cloud Architect
Lev Chepiga
Payments Architect
Sergey Alekyan
Communication on cloud
Ilya Chepiga
Cloud Architect
Miguel Galvao
Ruslan Karimov

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