15th Annual Ambassador Forum

The Ambassadors Forum is an annual event that acts as a platform that fosters communication and interaction among UAE Ambassadors and Representatives of Diplomatic Missions.

The Hybrid Event

was hosted by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC) due to the challenges of the COVID19 Pandemic. Attendees chose to either attend physically, or virtually depending on their choice and circumstances.

From Around the Globe

attendees joined the forum through a custom made web platform that gave them access to the sessions and offered them the chance to interact with the speakers through Q&A sessions.

Speakers connected virtually

conveniently through the Mimic platform and presented their session to the attendees seamlessly.

An on-site studio

was deployed on site for speakers who preferred to present their session from a studio.

The event recordings were posted

on the web platform for all the 5 days for any attendee who could not attend any of the sessions. This accommodated for any inconveniences due to conflicts in time zones for attendees joining from further time zones.

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