Expo 2020 Climate & Biodiversity Week

Virtual event  that features speakers all over the world  to talk about better management of climate change and protection of biodiversity to help countries achieve their carbon and sustainability goals.

Expo 2020 Climate and Biodiversity Week

is the second in a series, launched earlier this month with Space Week, that will shape the thought-provoking content and conversations taking place during Expo 2020 towards urgent, decisive action on climate change and preserving biodiversity.

The virtual event

brought together numerous members of the Expo family, including Expo 2020’s participating nations, leaders, architects, environmentalists and industry experts from around the world as they answer the question: How do we work together to better manage climate change and protect biodiversity?

A virtual panel discussion
among the participants was also implemented to connect speakers from all over the world to move forward with a smarter, more sustainable future, and how we can ensure people and goods' safe travels.

Lastly, a Q&A portion

was conducted getting live questions from the audience, and was entertained by virtual hosts and a virtual panelist.

Full team of professionals

was organized to deliver this event. This includes a technical director and a project manager, audio and video controllers, virtual camera operators, sound guy, VT playback, show caller, translators, and many more typical positions you would expect to find at a regular physical event of this size and stature.

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