Expo 2020 - Tolerance and Inclusivity Week

The fourth virtual stage in a series from Expo 2020's thematic weeks spotlighted initiatives that enhance multiculturalism.

The Virtual Stage

brought together experts from around the world to spotlight initiatives that enhance multiculturalism, co-existence and interfaith understanding, as well as increase accessibility and support indigenous communities and cultures.


were happening online with distinguished speakers from multiple locations of the participating nations.

Digital Branding

changed throughout the two days to represent the speakers, their countries, as well as the Expo 2020 Tolerance and Inclusivity topics.

Full team of professionals

was organized to deliver this event. This includes a technical director and a project manager, audio and video controllers, virtual camera operators, sound guy, VT playback, show caller, translators, and many more typical positions you would expect to find at a regular physical event of this size and stature.

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