MCIT - Virtual Job Fair

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology launched their first Virtual Job Fair with the purpose of localizing jobs in the communication and information technology sector.

A Digital Opening Ceremony

hosted on mimic : stage marked the beginning of three event days. It was held by the Deputy Minister for Future Jobs and Digital Entrepreneurship - Dr. Ahmed Altheneyan

A virtual environment

was created for the guests to roam around and interact with the space that was equipped with an agenda screen, virtual session rooms, media screens and even a digital assistant that will greet you as you enter the lobby.

Panel discussions

on different topics with leaders in the field along with 13 workshops focused conversation on developing soft and technical skills from experts in the field

An exhibition area

with over 130 exhibitors from both public and private sector was the highlight of the event, where applicants could apply for different job offerings, schedule meetings and network with fellow visitors.

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