Social Media Mastery Execution Workshop - Vritual Platform

The Social Media Mastery Execution Workshop run for two days, available in three languages, including interactive sessions.

The world-renowned speaker Eric Worre and an all-star lineup of networking and marketing experts

lead the 2-day Social Media Mastery Execution Workshop on mimic virtual platform. During this workshop topics of network and social media marketing, as well as follow up strategies and many more were discussed in-depth.

The virtual platform that mimic team customized

included provision of virtual space for three different languages on the platform, separate workshop spaces and full technical support and ticketing capabilities throughout the two days of the event.

The private event

was exclusive to subscribed members and had more than 1,500 registered participants, that got to receive the best social media information directly from the source.

mimic's support team

was available continuously during the event period, offering swift support to virtual participants from different technical levels.

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