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mimic enables you to build live & engaging stages while managing the technology behind it, upstream using SRT & RTMP, transcode, and auto-scale CDN
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Video Toolkit

a powerful toolkit that simplifies your video workflow online

Stream page

All you need to engage with your audience when streaming live video.

  • Customize page
  • Customize player
  • Upstream SRT, RTMP
  • Switch your inputs
  • Interactive panel for your audience
  • Embed your own player

Control experience
in real-time

We took online engagement to a new heights by enabling real-time control of your streaming page from your stage control panel.

  • Enable/disable chat, Q&A, and Polls live
  • Switch your inputs (SRT, RTMP, Vimeo, Youtube, External player)
  • Block users
  • Create Polls
  • Invite your moderators
  • Send messages to your audience

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The video-on-demand module is where you store all of your video content. These include pre-recorded video assets or recordings that are transcoded from live streamed events:

  • High video quality with adjustable bandwidth according to area connectivity.
  • Selective content distribution with post production work.
  • A media repository for all of your previous events.
  • On-demand viewing for your audience.

Embed Stage

We make it possible to embed stages from mimic into your own website with a simple click:

  • Use mimic’s stages on your platform.
  • Bring mimic’s streaming features to your platform.
  • Mainstream viewing to your website.
  • Scalable and adaptable to your choice of source.

Plug External player

Our platform is scalable and highly adaptable. You can plug your own professional media player onto mimic:

  • Use your preferable player for convenience.
  • White label your OTT platform.
  • Use your own standalone video content destination.

Native player

The video content is played out using THEOplayer, which is the most performant HTML5 video player in the market:

  • Customizable colors of all UI elements to match your brand.
  • HLS, MPEG-DASH, and progressive MP4 support.
  • Multiple browser support like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera.
  • Built-in features such as 4K resolution, multiple audio tracks, frame accurate seeking, display of program date/time, etc.


The ability to stream multiple video content on your platform. Simply create as many stages as you need and be in control of them all:

  • Run simultaneous events at the same time.
  • Accessible and synchronized control of all stages at ease.
  • Distribute your audiences into multiple stages to manage crowding.
  • Manage your audiences’ accessibility to stages in invite-only events.
  • Give your audience the choice to decide what to watch!

Playlist page

Organize your video content into playlists by simply creating a folder and adding the videos:

  • Make it easy for viewers to sift through your video content.
  • Categorize your videos into themes.
  • Increase your views with videos playing one after the other on a roll.
  • Choose the order in which the videos are to be watched.

CDN and scaling

Distribution of video content, including live streaming and video-on-demand, with Amazon CloudFront - our CDN platform of choice:

  • Secure distribution.
  • Global outreach with over 200 edge locations.
  • Guaranteed high bandwidth and low latency.
  • Consistent performance with high transcoding speeds.


Track multiple event metrics from your analytics dashboard. Leverage user activity data and video content analytics to make better informed decisions:

  • Measure event success and Return-on-Investment.
  • Capture trending topics based on viewing numbers.
  • Monitor user journey and engagement behavior.
  • Collect viewer feedback to improve future events.
  • A source to extract marketing and advertisement targets.

Discover more features


Organize your video content into themes and manage the viewing sequence for your audience.

Menu Builder

Build a custom navigation menu for your website.

Native Player

We use THEOplayer with customizable UI colors to match your brand.

Upstream SRT/RTMP

Easy one-click streaming with built-in upstream SRT/RTMP configurations menu.


Leverage user activity data and event metrics to make better informed decisions.

Video On Demand

Store and organize your video content and make them readily available to your audience post event.

Audience Interaction

Promote audience interaction through engagement platforms such as Chat, Poll, and Q&A.


Stream video content on your platform by creating multiple virtual stages.

Native Player

We use THEOplayer with customizable UI colors to match your brand.

CloudFront CDN

Secure and global distribution of content with high bandwidth and low latency.

Stage Input Control

Manage your video streams with ease by switching between stages with a click of a button.

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