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Streaming the EXPO 2020 Virtual Series and constructing an interactive web experience.

Project type

Virtual Event

Modules used

Video Toolkit, Web Builder & Mulit-Lingual with RTL Support


Quick delivery of stream with audience engagement

Streamworks is OTT delivery company specializing in enabling streams for e-sport events, virtual events, conferences

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Expo2020 Dubai, was the first World Expo ever hosted in the middle east, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) Region. with global restrictions around travel & through the theme of Connecting Minds, Creating the Future, Expo 2020 hosted a World Expo that inspired people by showcasing the best examples of collaboration, innovation and cooperation from around the world. The Expo 2020 Thematic Weeks consisted of 10 weeks with different topics per week so they contacted Stream Works, to support them in creating virtual events to bring together experts to resolve some of the world’s most pressing challenges as a build up to the live event held in 2021/22.

How mimic made Streamworks efficient

Stream Delivery

The event was broadcast globally over a span of 10 weeks that could be viewed in English, Arabic, French, and Spanish as the solution featured real-time simultaneous interpreting. Guests could access the event from a dedicated personalized website or, broadcast as a LIVE stream on Youtube, Vimeo, and Periscope. The 10 pre-Expo thematical weeks were organized and broadcasted live with the virtual event solution, mimic. They featured multiple Q&A sessions, presentations, polling, and panel discussions among experts from their respective fields.

The virtual stage hosted renowned international experts, change-makers and industry leaders for various panel discussions and presentations to spotlight each of the weekly themes. Each week has a custom virtual background to match the topic's current area of focus, country of origin and color theme as a supporting visual to the stage.

Building Multi-Lingual website

By using the web builder we were able to put together a user-friendly web experience in a matter of hours, this involved no coding as we were able to utilise the drag and drop web builder. Once the virtual platform was built we were able to translate the content from English to Arabic (with RTL Support) as well as Spanish and french. This feature made the platform more accessible for a diverse and global audience.

Login and Customised, Secure Registration

This was one way to view the event. Certain guests were invited, via a special invitation, that included login credentials. This top tier of viewers had stage interaction privileges, that allowed them to participate in real-time polling, real-time voting, and Q&A. These guests were preselected from different educational, governmental, and semi-governmental institutions. Tiered access is easily managed within the platform enabling you to control your audience.

As part of the need to reach a global audience streamworks was able to enable public viewing pages enabling anyone and everyone with internet access to watch the event. Over two days through the multiple platforms and languages, we reached thousands of impressions through login and open viewing. Behind the scenes, the platform is scalable and allowed guests with different quality of internet connections to still see the event through our CDN (cloud distribution network) in the best quality possible for them.


Given the stature of the event, strict security protocols were observed and followed, and the entire event was run securely from the cloud

mimic enables creators to simplify their content delivery process, while ensuring the quality is not compromised.

Features used in a project

Stage Input Control

Manage your video streams with ease by switching between stages with a click of a button.

Native Player

We use THEOplayer with customizable UI colors to match your brand.

Upstream SRT/RTMP

Easy one-click streaming with built-in upstream SRT/RTMP configurations menu.

Multilingual Pages

Create multilingual web pages with our built-in AI translator and RTL support.


Stream video content on your platform by creating multiple virtual stages.

Audience Interaction

Promote audience interaction through engagement platforms such as Chat, Poll, and Q&A.

Email Module

Create and send customized emails to your audience.

Registration Flow

Configure your sign-in and sign-up pages with custom registration fields.

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