Black Stone Collection

We created our first set of virtual venues to be used in events in the metaverse.

The idea behind the collection was to create a set of functional virtual venues which can be used in different metaverse projects.

As a result, we have created two multi-functional virtual venues so far and more to come. Those venues can be easily added into existing WEBGL builders/tools like Playcanvas, ThreeJS, Babylon.js or used in projects like Spatial, Decentraland, FrmaeVR.

We were trying to find the balance between the quality of textures we can use and size which effects mobile users. So scenes in this collection are very light weighted.

There are free and paid options of the venues, feel free to download them from Metaverse Assets



Some of the projects our venues were used in :

Screen shot from mimic metaverse editor
Screen shot from NFT gallery
Screenshot from Frame VR integration
mimic Team
Mar 16, 2022

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