BREAK & TRANSLATE - Version Release 1.1.2

Packed with new features and platform improvements, we introduce breakout rooms and our integration with Interprefy, making mimic more accessible one release at a time!

We have had some exciting partner meetings in the last few weeks, and with that came some suggestions we thought we would implement, our dev team have been hard at work and the next two releases are simply AWESOME!

We are excited to launch our Breakout Rooms Feature, This will be a standard feature that is accessible to all users. The exciting part is that this feature is not only scalable but also reliable and optimized for mobile and web devices.

This new feature comes with some great capabilities, to read more about this visit

 Have mentioned how easy it is to translate your web experience with our Multi-lingual module? We have decided to take things one step further and give you access to Interprefy a remote language interpretation platform.

This feature enables you to run your events with multi-audio inputs to translate your live sessions in real-time. This can be achieved with Audio, Live Captioning, or Sign language! We are able to include this feature on our platform with the new "Custom Tab" which can now be found in the stage control module. This gives you the flexibility to add a function of your choice by embedding applications, surveys, and more straight from your control panel!

Last but not least, a few platform improvements:

Our dedicated R&D team work around the clock to introduce improvements to the system. The latest improvements & bug fixes include:

  • White labeling perfected: When using a custom domain to Whitelabel your project, our logo (mimic branding) that is located at the footer will be automatically hidden, allowing full customization of your website.
  • Video titles on the go: Upon uploading videos in the VOD Module, the title of the videos will be automatically extracted.
  • Duplicate Web Pages: In the Web Portal Module, we have incorporated the option to duplicate pages to facilitate faster web page design and creation with scalability. Only drag-and-drop pages can be duplicated.

We are always looking for great ideas that enable us to help you build smarter and faster! If you have any suggestions on features you would like to see in mimic, pop us an email - it might just be in our next release!

Version 1.1.2

mimic Team
Jul 8, 2022

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