Granting users access to explore the features of mimic, without needing to provide credit card details!

There are still no fixed monthly fees, no subscriptions, and no unnecessary costs, once you're convinced mimic is the right platform for your experiential content delivery you can easily upgrade to Construct for unlimited pay-as-you-use access.

This update will be pushed to all users over the next 24 hours

Existing users will automatically be adjusted to the Construct Plan, with no interruption to your active services,

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Bug Fixes and Improvements:

Our dedicated R&D team work around-the-clock to introduce improvements to the system. The latest improvements & bug fixes include:

  • Auto switch Playlist: the 'Playlist' feature, in the VOD Module, has been updated, videos play automatically - one-after-another - in a playlist series.
  • Custom font upload: the 'Custom Font' uploading feature, in the Web Portal Module, has been updated that users can customize their font to match their brand CI.
  • Web page background color: the color of the drag-and-drop blocks now match the selected color of the background in the web builder.
  • Realtime audience control: the Engagement Module has been improved to allow for real time moderation by engagement managers.

Version 1.1.1.

mimic Team
Jun 24, 2022

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