You can now easily push audience engagement from your live Q&A, for your Speakers, Panel members, and your Audience to preview straight from your stage control panel. And get early access to Video Slider tools for your Drag & Drop pages (Beta release)!

Preview live audience questions from your comfort monitor

This new feature encourages wider audience engagement enabling a person to ask a question without needing to speak publicly but instead can interact from their device via the live Q&A function! Engagement managers can then easily push moderator-approved questions to your audience screens without the need to include additional tech or software, at the touch of a button from your stage control module!

Queue up to four moderator-approved questions on your comfort monitor in the studio, enabling your presenter to answer the most relevant questions first, and to see what topics to cover next. seamlessly integrating your virtual audience into a live experience.

The new Image and Video Slider tools for your Drag & Drop pages (Beta release)

  • Create an image or video carousels - we have incorporated a new drag & drop "Unlayer" Block that enables you to build image or video gallery sliders on your web page, you are also able to Edit and duplicate this feature for ease of use
  • If "Autoplay" is enabled, images & videos will be displayed in a row automatically.
  • If “loop” is displayed, the slider will keep on changing its content non-stop.
  • Or your audience can actively click through the slider to view the content.

Last but not least, a few platform Improvements:

Our dedicated R&D team work around the clock to introduce improvements to the system. The latest improvements & bug fixes include:

  • Play videos on repeat in the VOD module: you can now pre-select videos to play in a loop or on repeat in your playlist pages.
  • Duplicate Web Pages: there were some issues noticed when duplicating large web pages, these issues have been fixed.
  • User profile custmization: the error where registered members (attendees) updated their “name” field in the User Profile custom pane, the user’s profile image disappeared. This has been fixed

mimic Team
Jul 22, 2022

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