we mimic

real event experience in virtual environment. We created an online tool for production teams to have flexible and controlled environment to run events.


It has started as an experiment. It became the product. It will continue as a happy trail to the future.

We were always in middle of cross industries. We were delivering interactive experiences on shows building custom software, programming sensors, integrating with light, sound and visual surfaces. We were always tend to find the limit of where technology is in events

Lets go virtual we said. It needs to be flexible to allows unique branding and other features each event has. It needs to be scalable and technically stable since online users come in all kinds. Let visitors feel every show is a unique experience designed for them.

The best of the best. Event designers, virtual architects, AV managers, cloud developers, technical directors. Highly qualified, thinking beyond the obvious, 24/7 ready. A challenge ? They’ll take two...

Where are we? But there was no going back, and no time to rest. We need it done!

There is nothing in the world more useless than the greatest idea without professional teams who make it useful. So we ‘ve found a lot who share our principles and deliver the result in a lot of parts of the world.

It will be an endless journey. From virtual to hybrid. From handheld devices to touchless. From flat to immersive. From algorithms to cloud AI.

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