Web Experience Builder

mimic allows you to build web pages and create user journeys while controlling the experience in realtime, and integrating real-time web apps to make an impact with your audience.
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Customize Experience

Create impressive, customized websites for your events, activations, and streams using the drag & drop editor or existing templates. Control which web pages open and which remain closed.

  • Customize and arrange navigation menu
  • Use drag and drop interface to create pages
  • Set pages as public or private
  • Control branding: upload fonts, change colors
  • Use tools like Add to calendar, HLS Player, Agenda item to speed up you design
  • Set pages as Live or offline
    Use our existing templates to build your portal
Customize web experience.
Interactive Stage, control inputs.

Interactive Stage

The interactive stage allows you to deliver & control multiple content inputs to your audience from one seamless platform.

  • Live video using SRT and RTMP
  • Youtube and vimeo
  • Web Applications
  • Questionnaires
  • Q&A, Polls, Chats
  • Embed Gamified experiences

Interactive Engagement

mimic enables the delivery of engaging content using built-in tools:

mimic built-in tools

  • Chatrooms
  • Interactive stage
  • p2p chat
  • Exhibition
  • Breakout rooms
Interactive Engagement
Integrate engagement

Integrate Engagement

Integrate existing tools you like into mimic

  • Kumospace
  • Miro
  • Zapworks
  • Three.js
  • Playcanvas
  • 3Dvista
Kumospace for live eventsmiro for live eventszapworks for live eventsplaycanvas for live events3dvista for live eventsthreejs for live events

What mimic can do

Reach your audience with mimic tools designed to create unique digital experiences
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Discover more features

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Using Interprefy widget you can bring remote interpreters to your live stage.

Email Module

Create and send customized emails to your audience.

Registration Flow

Configure your sign-in and sign-up pages with custom registration fields.

Menu Builder

Build a custom navigation menu for your website.

Native Player

We use THEOplayer with customizable UI colors to match your brand.


Leverage user activity data and event metrics to make better informed decisions.

Video On Demand

Store and organize your video content and make them readily available to your audience post event.


Promote audience engagement through interactive virtual chatrooms.

Metaverse & 360 Integration

Integrate external Metaverse platforms and embed 360 virtual spaces into your projects.

Breakout Rooms

Personalize your event further and manage audience interaction by creating breakout rooms.

Audience Interaction

Promote audience interaction through engagement platforms such as Chat, Poll, and Q&A.


Stream video content on your platform by creating multiple virtual stages.

Multilingual Pages

Create multilingual web pages with our built-in AI translator and RTL support.

Exhibition Module

Create virtual exhibition experiences by connecting visitors to exhibitors and promote networking.

Stage Input Control

Manage your video streams with ease by switching between stages with a click of a button.